1000 Pentesters for Africa: Pioneering the Future of Cybersecurity

Empower, Protect, Lead.

Welcome to a transformative journey within the realm of cybersecurity. The 1000 Pentesters for Africa programme isn’t just another course—it’s a movement. Born from a vision to bridge the cybersecurity skills gap in Africa, we are creating a powerhouse of a thousand cybersecurity leaders to shield our digital realms.

How It Works

Dynamic Curriculum: Dive deep into the attacker’s mindset. Our comprehensive modules, designed by leading experts, will arm you with advanced penetration testing techniques and proactive defence strategies. Hands-On Experience: Step beyond theory. Tackle real-world challenges with our immersive labs, live hacking sessions, and scenario-based projects. Learn by doing. Mentorship, Technical Coaching & Networking: Connect with the best. Our mentors and coaches, industry leaders with years of experience, are here to guide you. Plus, network with peers and potential employers through exclusive events.
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Entry Requirements

  1. Foundational Knowledge and Skills for Entry: While these prerequisites enhance your learning curve, our programme's core is passion and commitment. If cybersecurity excites you, we are here to guide the rest of your journey. To ensure a smooth learning experience within the 1000 Pentesters for Africa programme, we recommend the following foundational knowledge and skills:
  2. Basic IT Literacy: Familiarity with computer operating systems, especially Windows, Linux, or
    macOS. An understanding of file systems, directories, and basic command-line tasks.
  3. Networking Concepts: A grasp of the fundamentals of networking such as IP addressing,
    common networking protocols, and basic troubleshooting.
  4. Elementary Security Awareness: General awareness of cyber threats, basic security
    protocols, and safe browsing habits.
  5. Logical & Analytical Thinking: The ability to think critically, solve problems, and approach
    challenges methodically.
  6. Passion: An unyielding interest in cybersecurity. Previous experience is beneficial, but notmandatory.
  7. Commitment: Dedication to complete the programme and the zeal to make a mark in the
  8. Eligibility: While open to all, a basic understanding of IT and networking concepts will be

Join The Revolution

Embarking on a cybersecurity journey? Start with the right footing. Whether you're kickstarting your career or refining your expertise, 1000 Pentesters for Africa is your launchpad. Be a part of the force shaping the future of cybersecurity in Africa. Stand out. Skill up. Secure our digital future.

Penetration Testers for Africa Programme Goals

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1. Address the Shortage of Cybersecurity Professionals in Africa.

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2. Build and Support a Diverse and Skilled Workforce through Learning and Collaboration.

goal 3 new

3. Expand Use of Penetration Testing for Cybersecurity Resilience.

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4. Modernize the Talent Management Process to Address Cybersecurity Skills Gaps.

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5. Drive Research on Effective Practices for Offensive Cybersecurity Workforce Development.



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