The 1000 Pentesters.Africa Programme Target Audience

Are you an IT professional in Africa looking to make a transition into cyber security and penetration testing, but are overwhelmed or just don’t know how to get started?
With numerous different types of engagements, operational phases, and a constant flood of new vulnerabilities hitting the industry, the journey into cybersecurity and penetration testing can quickly become overwhelming.

This programme is designed for:

• People wanting to get started in cyber security
• Anyone with an inquisitive thought process
• People comfortable with information technology
• Software developers, System admins, Database admins, Network engineers
• Helpdesk and IT support

Certified Ethical Hacker Curriculum Outline
Annie Spratt

Process to Certification

Application Form
Payment Confirmation
Registration &
Platforms Access
Assignments &
Non-Profit Work

Assignments &
Technical Coaching
Group Discussions

Exam &



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