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John Strand is a well known figure in cybersecurity and, as a SANS Institute instructor and owner of Black Hills Information Security, he has trained more than 20,000 offensive security professionals. He is highly regarded as a mentor, speaker and contributor in the open-source security community.

John and his team will contribute two mentoring sessions per month with various topics to guide the holistic development of the programme participants, and will answer questions, offer technical support, and coach them via the online webinars as well as the Discord channel. Participants will not have to prepare themselves for the exam in a vacuum, but will be supported by the expertise and experience of these mentors and other participants through discussion forums. This component of the programme is crucial for the success of participants.

John is excited to work with participants on this project with the CIS team.
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1. His support will include an in-depth introduction to penetration testing and access to classes on the on-demand platform and mobile app:

2. Two monthly mentoring group calls each an hour long per month with the students about different topics, including a Q&A with John Strand.

3. Access to the Discord channel for all the students for group networking and mentoring.

4. Access to the Antisyphon Cyber Range set of tools and techniques, a unique hands-on gaming/training environment.

5. Access to all the programme webcasts.
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