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Cybersecurity is an industry of constant change and complexity. Action Factory life coaching and mentoring play an importan role in empowering future cybersecurity professionals to realise their full potential. This crucial part of the ethical hacking programme supports participants and raises their self-awareness to achieve their life goals and perform at a more effective level. The coaching and mentoring empowers programme participants to identify and remove negative mental self-talk and self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviours.

This component of the programme is facilitated by Deon Groenewald and his Action Factory life coaching team. Deon is a world renowned South African entrepreneur, international transformational speaker, an internationally acclaimed and accredited Master and Trainer and expert facilitator in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy.

With more than 15 years professional experience in training students in these fields, he has trained and equipped thousands of NLP Life Coaching students to become internationally qualified and accredited in their successful NLP & Life Coaching careers. The Programme consists of two parts:

Part One:

Twice-monthly live Action Factory life coaching attendance sessions on a virtual platform for Mindset Maintenance that will be recorded and shared on an unlisted channel on Discord/YouTube.

Session topics to be covered include:

o Strategic planning for success
o Continuous self-motivation
o Rid yourself of limiting beliefs
o Creating a clear self-identity
o Life-work balance
o Emotional intelligence
o Understanding the creation of generational wealth
o Active listening
o Work-based and peer communication
o Personal mission and development planning
o Others based on requests that may arise

Part Two:

Success-minded Action Factory life coaching session – when required

o Confidential individualised personal sessions with qualifying students.
o Should an external event or internal shift cause any student to regularly default on the training program, they will have access to a success-minded master coach to assist them to realign to the required performance expectations of programme.



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