Our Philosophy is Prevention is a Goal and Detection is a Must

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Cyber Intelligent Systems (Pty) Ltd (CIS) is a specialist cybersecurity company established in 2016 by George-Paul de Lange to address the gap in proactive cybersecurity solutions in Africa. It assists customers to forge best-in-class proactive cybersecurity expertise through the use of automation, collaboration, and technical expertise.

CIS has its foundation in the open-source security community. Our team is widely recognized as subject matters experts for their contributions to customers and the open-source cybersecurity community. With a combination of automation, a force multiplier, and deep technical skills in cybersecurity, we solve problems in cybersecurity Project Management, Incident Response, Malware analysis, Automated Penetration Testing, Detection Engineering, Adversary Emulation, Purple Teaming, and Cybersecurity Report Writing.

CIS bootstraps cyber resilience with a philosophy that Prevention is a Goal and Detection is a Must. We achieve this by examining actionable threat evidence of cyberattack vulnerabilities at your organization.

We safely execute these attacks in your environment, and provide the detection status (Detected, Alerted, Logs, No Evidence) of both your security controls and your people processes and technology readiness.


Our Mission is to contribute to solving the challenges in cybersecurity including the shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals. With the 1000 Pentesters.Africa programme we want to prepare, grow, and support 1000 cybersecurity professionals annually to safeguard and promote Africa’s security and economic prosperity with their offensive cyber security skills


To create, promote, and support a cybersecurity community of offensive security testing professionals in an integrated ecosystem of education, training, mentoring and collaboration.

More About the 1000 Pentester for Africa Programme

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