Bridging the Skills Gap: The Origin of 1000 Pentesters for Africa

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In the rapidly evolving world of cyber threats, the best defence is an informed offence. This belief led George-Paul de Lange to lay the foundation of Cyber Intelligent Systems, an organisation committed to proactive cybersecurity solutions. As we delved deeper into the landscape, responding to over 100 cyber incidents across Africa, a pattern began to emerge - a significant disconnect in skills development. The majority of the cyberattacks we encountered could have been prevented, or at least efficiently resolved, with a proficient team. This realisation was more than just an observation; it was a call to action. A call that we needed to bridge the gap between the demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals and the supply. Enter 1000 Pentesters for Africa - our answer to this pressing need.

Why 1000 Pentesters for Africa?

The vision was clear: Equip a thousand individuals with the knowledge and skills to adopt an attacker's perspective. By understanding the mindset and techniques of potential adversaries, organisations can better safeguard their critical assets. Our programme does not just enhance cybersecurity; it builds cybersecurity leaders. Leaders who will pave the way for a safer digital Africa.

Empower Your Future in Cybersecurity

We invite aspiring cybersecurity enthusiasts and professionals to join our mission. Whether you're seeking to elevate your professional trajectory or make a grand entry into the industry, 1000 Pentesters for Africa provides the platform. Let's redefine cyber resilience, together. When you enrol with 1000 Pentesters for Africa, you're not just starting your learning journey; you're spearheading the change toward a fortified digital continent.


Our Mission is to contribute to solving the challenges in cybersecurity including the shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals. With the 1000 Pentesters for Africa programme we want to prepare, grow, and support 1000 cybersecurity professionals annually to safeguard and promote Africa’s security and economic prosperity with their offensive cyber security skills.


To create, promote, and support a cybersecurity community of offensive security testing professionals in an integrated ecosystem of education, training, mentoring and collaboration.

More About the 1000 Pentester for Africa Programme

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